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Let's discover Earth Connect in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Get started by checking if earth wallet is installed.

if ( !== undefined) {
console.log('Earth Wallet Exists');
//Do something
else {
console.log('Dear User, please install Earth Wallet at');

Earth Wallet can be installed here.

Connect user address to Dapp โ›“๏ธ

Get the user address

 const account = await;
console.log('account: ' + account);
//account: xyzzzz

Getting user address is very simple and by calling earth.connect()

Once connected, calling earth.connect() will give same connected address e.g xyzzz. Currently, user can select ICP Secp256k1 addresses only.

Check if Earth Wallet is connected

const isConnected = await
//{connected: false} or {connected: true}

Get address meta

const addressMeta = await;
name: 'xyz',
createdAt: 1635962486,
principalId: 'o7nwu-xxx',
publicKey: 'asddd',
type: 'ecdsa'

Anything unclear or issue in this docs? Please connect at Discord!