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Buying NFTs on Opensea

To buy NFTs using Earth Wallet on Opensea, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and find the NFT that you want to buy.

  2. After finding the desired NFT, click on the "wallet" icon in the top right corner.

  3. It will give you a bunch of wallet options, click on "Walletconnect" and it will show you a QR code.

  4. Go to your Earth Wallet app and click on the "scan" icon in the top left corner.

  5. Scan the previously shown QR code with your mobile app.

  6. Select the account with which you want to buy the NFT and click "Next".

  7. Click "Connect" and you will get a message saying that the session was approved.

  8. On Opensea you will see this message, click "Accept and sign".

  9. In your mobile app you will get a signature request, enter your password and click "Sign".

  10. Your wallet should now be connected to Opensea.

  11. Click on the "Buy now" button.

  12. You will be shown with the details of your purchase, click "Checkout".

  13. In your mobile app you will be asked to approve this transaction, enter your password and click "Sign".

  14. Wait for your transaction to go through on Opensea.

  15. Once the transaction is completed, you will be the owner of the NFT and Opensea will show "Owned by you" under the NFT name.

  16. You will also be able to see your NFT under the "NFTs" section on Earth Wallet.

That's how you can buy an NFT on opensea using Earth Wallet!

Anything unclear or issue in this docs? Please connect at Discord!