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Staking with Earth Wallet

To stake your ETH with Earth Wallet follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open your Earth Wallet app and select the account with which you want to stake the ETH.

  2. Click on the "Stake" button.

  3. Let Earth Wallet find the best staking provider for you.

  4. Enter the amount of staked ETH you want to receive (in this case rETH is the representation of staked ETH), the value of staked ETH keeps increasing day by day, that's how you get rewarded.

  5. Click "Stake".

  6. The next screen will show you the detailed breakdown of how much ETH you are going to spend, how much staked ETH (in this case rETH) you will receive and the gas fee for the transaction.

  7. Enter your password and click "Stake" to initiate the staking process.

  8. Wait for it to submit the transaction.

  9. This will submit the transaction, once the transaction is confirmed you will get your staked ETH.

  10. Go back to the main screen and refresh it by pulling down, to see your updated balance and received staked ETH.

  11. Keep in mind, it will only show the updated balance and received staked ETH when the transaction is confirmed, so it can take sometime to appear, but once the transaction is confirmed you will see it on your home screen in Earth Wallet.

That's how you can stake ETH using Earth Wallet!

Anything unclear or issue in this docs? Please connect at Discord!